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David Kelly, LCSWTalk Therapy Works

Are you feeling sad?

Has the economy got you down?

Do you feel especially anxious?

Are your relationships with your loved ones suffering as a result of your change in mood or behavior?

Are you struggling with alcohol or other drugs?

These are all very normal reactions to the world we live in.

You are not alone.

Often, changes in lifestyle like the loss of a job or a relationship can make us anxious or depressed. However, there is a solution - a way to feel better and more in control of your own life. Many people find that talking with someone who can help to guide you to your own customized solutions is the answer.

Change is possible. It can be as easy as picking up the phone or logging into my appointment calendar to schedule an appointment with me. We can discuss your problems in a safe environment where your confidentiality and well-being is my primary responsibility.

Let's begin the process of getting you and your life back on track together. The sooner you take the first step and schedule an appointment, the sooner things will begin to come back into alignment in your life. Come and talk with me and together we can begin rebuilding your life in whatever image you choose. Using a combination of different therapeutic approaches we will help you realize your true potential as a human being and discover your own personal path leading you to the happy and healthy life that all of us deserve.

No one deserves to spend their life feeling miserable. Take the first step towards taking charge of your own destiny.

Set up an appointment with me today.

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